The MD Mr. Arumugam Muthu comes from very humble beginnings. Born to farm labourers from the rural parts of TamilNadu, his growth in the world of Industrial Engineering is nothing short of Inspiring.

His keen scientific mind and ability to question made his academic excellence possible despite a harsh upbringing. Eventually he graduated from the department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering from the prestigious Madras Institute of Technology

His first job was at Engineers India Limited, the Indian Government’s Design Engineering Organization for Oil and Gas Industry. During his term of 7 years, he has been part of major Control System and Automation Projects in BPCL Cochin, IOCL Barauni and Vadodara, etc. In particular, the I&C system designed by him at BPCL Cochin is functional till date

Impressed with his work, he was offered a role at US based MW Kellogg, Texas (now KBR). In the 4 years he spent at the United States, Mr Muthu’s most critical and successful project was the commissioning of Phillips 66 High Density Poly Ethylene Reactor. Apart from that, he has also been part of projects for BP Ohio, PEMEX Mexico and Koyokoto Petroleum, Japan

His next professional stint extends 13 years at French Design Firm Technip, Abu Dhabi, where he rose from being a simple Engineer to the Dy Head of the Department of the Instrumentation Division. For a brief period he was also the Acting HoD. During his stay at Technip, he has been part of projects with every Oil and Gas major in the Gulf and Europe. This is where he finished his Masters in Business and was one of the few in the world to be Certified as a Functional Safety Expert (CFSE). Along with Instrumentation, Mr Muthu had to frequently handle Electrical and telecommunication as well, as the job demanded it.

Equipped with such rich professional experience and industrial expertise, Mr Muthu decided to move back to his hometown. The move was targeted to set up an Engineering Firm back home and provide opportunities to local talent to enter the fascinating world of Industrial Engineering

After establishing the company, he has diversified into similar domains in different industries, like, Chemical Plants, Glass manufacturing, Mining and Metallurgy etc. His key function being Instrumentation and Safety, Mr. Muthu has a record of conducting 500 days of SIL sessions across countries and industries

Mr Muthu’s biggest strengths in terms of engineering tech is as follows

  • 34 years of experience in Process Control and Safety Engineering
  • Instrumentation and allied domains like Electrical/ Telecomm
  • SIL Study and Verification and CHazop
  • Cathodic Protection System and FMEA

With over 3 decades of experience, he still runs around like the day he started his work, ever curious and passionate about Instrumentation and Safety Engineering. He aspires to provide value based engineering solutions at affordable cost and RCSPL has been his vehicle, helping him to achieve this  continuous endeavor