Every industry comes with a huge set of associated risks, with Oil and Gas industry topping the list. Bigger the size of operations, more the number of variables and third party elements exponentially increasing the risk factors. The risks are spread across economy, personnel, environment, equipment, production and efficiency. Every major disaster in history can be attributed a simple element overlooked during the course of the plant operation. And this is exactly why Risk Management has turned into a major division in Process Engineering, More than 80{c798212851577ebfbcbbefa35e4faf332dc58d60d33069d09e3512dc21b19def} of the plan activities are out of control of the plant employees, entrusted to third parties. Hence bringing in processes and procedures to control risks becomes paramount.

RCSPL’s major strength and dominant function is in Safety Studies and identifying and rectifying all possible risks associated with the plant. Safety Integrity Studies, Verifications, Identification and Rectification are all done by methodical and process driven industry experts.

Our inhouse SIL Chairman and Scribe provide all SIL related services. With over a record of over 500 days of SIL Sessions, our team is one of the best in the world in terms of Risk identification and management. The SIL services include the following

  • SIF List
  • SIL Study Procedure
  • SIL Determination Workshop
  • SIL Study Report / SIL Assessment Report
  • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)
  • SIL Verification report
  • SIL Validation at Site
  • LOPA GAP Analysis and Recommendations
  • “Safety Integrity – A Life Time Approach” Training

Apart from SIL, other safety studies and Engineering offered by RCSPL include

  • Alarm rationalization
  • CHazop
  • FMEA Studies
  • Cathodic Protection Engineering
  • Tank loading/ Unloading Safety Systems