Hello, We are RCSPL.

To provide Quality based  and Valuable Engineering at affordable cost

Engineering has always been at the centre of Human Civilization and Evolution. Every man-made creation has been possible because a group of people dared to dream and push boundaries. And they keep aspiring to be better and more valuable to mankind. Rainbow Control Systems is no different

At its core, RCSPL is an engineering team, who keep looking out for challenges to resolve in the industrial space. With primary expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry, the team has solved some of the most critical Safety and Control issues faced in the industry. Starting from detailed Engineering for any process to providing niche consultancy for Safety Studies and Risk Management, the team has covered it all.

Decades of experience carried by the team, has over the years channeled into producing methodical, precision output. Technical clarity and rigorous documentation has always been our strength and not one we would compromise on ever. We believe our efforts directly impact the people around us. After all, we save lives

The company was founded in the year 2008, by the Managing Director Mr Arumugam Muthu. After a rich experience of 30 years detailing Instrumentation and Automation for Energy Sectors, and Chairing various SIL Studies, Mr Muthu branched out from the Gulf, to bring all this knowledge back to his hometown, Trichy.

The Potential to collaborate with various like-minded people and the pool of talent available in India, propelled him to start a venture to provide value based engineering services. Thus, RCSPL was born

Over the years RCSPL has been adding various project accomplishments and expertise to its portfolio. The first few projects were focussed around the Middle East. But on establishing a recognition in the Oil and Gas circuits, RSCPL has travelled to the West and the Far East, contracting for projects from USA to China

The Company gradually planted its roots into other industries including Glass, Chemicals, Power Stations, etc

Today the company has carved a niche for itself for providing quality engineering in the fields of Instrumentation, Electrical, Telecommunication, Safety and Automation with a client portfolio spread across the globe

Industrial Zone at Night. Industrial Buildings Illumination and Smoke.

“To be a competitive global player in the field of Design Engineering related to Oil & Gas and Allied Industries”

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“Offering high end and high quality, Design, Engineering and Safety solutions at affordable cost.”



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