The GASCO BuHasa NGL Plant receives the associated Gas from ADCO facilities and processes the same into saleable Products. Gas from ADCO Oil fields at BU HASA, BAB and ASAB is received, compressed and refrigerated to produce NGL by GASCO plants located at the respective sites. This NGL is sent to GASCO Ruwais, through a pipeline network, where this is fractionated as Propane (C3), Butane (C4) &Pentane Plus (C5+) and shipped. GASCO intended to carry out an Alarm Rationalization study for Bu Hasa NGL Plants. The objective of the Alarm Rationalization study was to check and investigate the Process and System Alarms configured in the Distributed Control System (DCS) associated with the process facilities and packages of the BuHasaNGL Plants, in order to identify the ability of the Operators to respond to an alarm and to identify any potential hazard, which could arise due to limitations of the Operators to respond to the alarms as per the design intent of the plant. The study involved analysis and rationalization of 21000 alarm points. RCSPL successfully completed the project and delivered on time with minimal repeat work